Every enterprise network will have some WAN and MAN components, which utilise telecommunication services provided by different suppliers.

The most common carriage types are:

Dark Fibre
IP-WAN (GWIP in Australia)

Different carriage types have different operational attributes, which need to be maintained. In addition different clients may have to maintain additional attributes specific to their company’s operational and business requirements.

Telecommunication expenses in large enterprises quite often represent significant portion of IT budget and can run into millions of dollars.
Carriage Providers can make billing errors, which are very hard to detect and can cost your company a lot of money. The real world examples give us error rate of around 7-8% in favour of carriage provider. If your company carriage bill is $10 million dollars, you maybe losing up to $800,000 each year. As network manager, you are required to validate carriage provider bills, identify errors and record bill disputes. Without special tools validation process can take a lot of time, skill and effort and can be prone to errors. Quite often clients don’t have the tools, staff or skills to perform this task and end up just paying provider’s invoice without proper validation.

Enigma Bill Validation module allows very quick and easy bill validation, which makes billing errors quite evident. It can validate all your carrier services including voice. You can load all available bills retrospectively and quickly identify most expensive services or services which don’t belong to your company at all, unused phone lines, top spenders etc. It is so efficient that you can expect large refund from your carriage provider on the very first run. This Enigma module alone provides nearly immediate ROI.

Enterprise Network Management Solution needs to be completely carriage-aware as over 90% of all outages are caused by carriage failures. When your remote office becomes inaccessible you need to know the carriage details it connects to, so you can initiate fault restoration procedure as soon as possible. If your carriage provider performs transmission work on particular circuit, you need to be able to quickly identify which parts of your network might be affected by this activity, so you can notify relevant stakeholders about pending outage.

It is critical that your carriage details are well maintained and as accurate as possible.
Enigma Carriage Management System allows implementation of distributed carriage management model, where all your staff when they came across carriage data error is able to correct it.

More accurate data in the system makes relevant business decisions much more efficient.

Enigma NMS is fully Carriage aware. Carriage Custom Fields Management module allows to define and modify any number of carriage type specific fields, so your carriage can be properly maintained.

Enigma auto connects network devices and ports to respective carriage, which gives operational staff complete visibility of your enterprise network environment including used carrier services.