All Enigma NMS licenses include all features enabled out of the box.

License cost depends on the number of nodes in Enigma Database.

For each purchased commercial license we offer secondary license at discounted price.

Two instances of Enigma NMS allow creation of High Availability Cluster, which deliver 100% of business continuity.

Fully Featured Unlimited Trial License is available upon request (limited to 60 days).

Conversion to Commercial License is seamless and does not require product re-install.

We have various licensing models including SAAS, which will suit any budgets.

For All Commercial Licenses and Resellers in your area please contact our Sales Team

License includes:

  • Multi-Tenant, Multi-User, Multi-Vendor functionality
  • High Availability Cluster with Free Secondary License
  • Polling every 60 seconds – highly detailed graphs with custom resolution and layout
  • Data granularity fully preserved without roll-up for up to 12 months
  • Network Performance Monitor
    CPU Utilization
    Memory Utilization
    Temperature Readings – multiple sensors
    Ping Round Trip Response
    Packet Loss
    Queue Drops
    QoS Class Utilization
    QoS Class Drops
    Traffic Utilization (Bits/Packets per sec)
  • Environment Monitor / ANY OID
    UPS Battery Status and Time Remaining
    Temperature Sensors
    Voltage and Current
    Storage Utilization
    Radio Signal Strength
    ANY OID – Integers and Strings discovered across your entire network domain and Monitored in minutes!
  • Server Monitor
    CPU Utilization
    Memory Utilization
    File System Utilization
    Installed Software
    Monitoring of Running Processes
  • Application Monitor
    Network Daemons
    Database Statuses
    Web Page Content and Response Time Monitoring
  • Traffic Volume Monitor – Daily Utilizations and Traffic Volumes: All Hours, B.H. and A.H.
  • Exceptions Based Performance Reporting and Trending with custom thresholds
  • Port Monitor – Auto detection and monitoring of Layer 2 and Layer 3 trunks
  • CDP and LLDP Monitor – view all CDP and LLDP peers across entire network domain
  • Device Locator – by MAC, IP Address, and NETBIOS Name
  • Visibility of All Network Connected Clients – preserving info about disconnected MACs forever
  • Root-Cause Analysis with alerts suppression
  • Visibility of All VLANs, VTP and MSTP Domains, IP ARP and Routing Tables
  • Dynamic Physical Topology Maps
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Live Floor Maps – load your Site and Floor Maps and pin down your nodes
  • Wireless Monitor – Auto discovered WLC, LWAP, WLAN – VLAN Mapping, Mobile Clients
  • VM Monitor – Auto discovered VM Hosts, VM Guests, Resource utilization
  • Asset Manager – All Hardware and Software modules on all managed devices, history
  • IP Address Manager – IPv4 and IPv6
  • Traffic Analyzer – all versions of NetFlow and sFlow, unlimited sources, zero maintenance
  • IP SLA Monitor – unlimited probes, zero maintenance
  • VRF Monitor – VRFs, Interfaces memberships, Routing, TE Tunnels
  • SYSLOG Monitor – top talkers, customizable matching patterns, and actions
  • SNMP Trap Monitor – top talkers, customizable matching patterns, and actions
  • User Activity Monitor – visibility of all commands entered via CLI across your entire network
  • Real Time Monitor – 1-second traffic utilization stats on up to 25 interfaces.
  • Routing Monitor BGP, OSPF, EIGRP – detection of incorrect configuration and flapping links
  • Configuration Manager – vendor independent, auto config downloads and scheduled config changes on multiple devices
  • SNMP Browser
  • Maintenance Contract Monitor – proactive notifications on contract expiration
  • Telco Services Management
    Overlays all Telco Services over your network infrastructure
    Tracking Telco Provider Quality of Service
    Reduces Outage Restoration Time
    Optimize your Telco Infrastructure
  • Telco Bill Validation – minimization of telecommunication expenses
  •  Incident and Change Management
  •  Intrusion Detection Monitor
  •  Cisco NBAR Monitor
  •  Intuitive Alarm Storm Control
  •  Alerts Forward – Northbound integration via generation of custom SYSLOG, SNMP Traps and Email messages with custom content to multiple   external Service Desk systems e.g. Tivoli OMNIbus, HP Service Now, ITSM, etc.
  •  REST API Services – Southbound integration with Client Portals and Service Desk systems via comprehensive REST API Services, extraction of any data including graphs.
  •  Integration with LDAP, DNS, NTP, SMTP, TACACS, SMS