Public Safety Network

The Public Safety Network Management Centre is responsible for the operation, growth, and optimisation of a complex data network that meets the critical requirements of the Queensland Police Service, Department of Justice and Attorney General, and Queensland Corrective Services. To ensure the continued availability and reliability of the Public Safety Network (PSN), the PSNMC requires a network management platform that provides real time availability, performance and QoS alerting and reports that allow PSNMC staff to identify and analyse network incidents and problems quickly in order to address issues as they arise. Additionally, the PSNMC required up to date information on network assets in order to track the movement of devices within the PSN.

To achieve all of this in one solution is a big call, but Enigma NMS provides the PSNMC with the network management control and functionality that a complex network environment requires. Enigma NMS is the culmination of quite a few years of real world network experience and analysis. It provides feature rich and easy to use dashboards and menus that offer intuitive navigation through the full range of its functionality.

To the best of my knowledge, Enigma NMS is unique in this field, and is without a doubt, the single most important management tool in use within the PSNMC.

John McIntosh, Director (Public Safety Network Management Centre) - Level 11, 179 North Quay, Brisbane Qld 400
Queensland Translink Transit Authority

TransLink Transit Authority required an Enterprise Network Management Solution, which would address all our operational and management needs within the single product and at the same time be efficient and easy to implement and maintain.

We did not want to maintain multiple management platforms, which would have required extensive hardware and human resources, and involve multiple costings. Unfortunately most of vendors we looked at, split their products’ offering in
to various modules, which works great for vendors bottom line but represent serious challenges for product integration and maintenance.

The product Enigma NMS, offered a wide range of functionality within the single product, extreme automation and ease of maintenance. We have been using Enigma NMS for the past 4 years and have been extremely pleased with its capabilities, level of support and constant development advances, which address new networking technologies.

The following briefly explains our requirements, and Enigma NMS provides us with full visibility of our network system.

– To assist in the protection of passengers and visitors to the stations and providing enhanced security of the assets.

– To manage traffic and detect infringements on the Busway.

– Managed in accordance with all relevant external regulations and Translink policies.

– The Manager (Busways and Facilities) has responsibility for the system, including approving any extension of the system within the Translink network.

– The practices are applied to the management of the closed circuit television system (CCTV) established on the Busways and other Bus Stations, including the storage, disposal and access to images and the storage of information.

– The 42 site on the Busway and additional 10 external Park and Rides/Interchanges have a combined new connectivity of 100 plus star hub configuration of layer three and layer two network.

– These sites have various site Ethernet configured end products which connected via government base fibre or MPLS layer three routed sites.

The TransLink Transit Authority vision for the future is:

The best public transport system in Australia through partnering with operators and local agencies we will create an innovative, efficient and attractive system that people want to use – An operationally excellent organisation – we will build professional and effective processes and continually learn from our own and others experiences;

– a trusted organisation – we will be a responsive, responsible and respectful organisation and in doing so, have the confidence of the community and its government representatives;

– a place people want to be – we will continue to be a dynamic organisation and empower our people to live the values;

We would have no hesitation in recommending Enigma NMS and thoroughly attest to the delivery and support of the product. Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding this product.

Michael Harvey, Senior ITS Officer (Translink)