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Latest Version 82.3.1 Release Notes

We offer free trial with all features unlocked and unlimited nodes, limited to 60 days.

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Following are the Minimum Recommended Hardware Requirements
Nodes Count CPU Cores/Speed RAM HDD NIC
100 2/2.0Ghz 4GB 100Gb IDE/SATA 1 Gbps
500 4/2.0Ghz 8GB 200Gb IDE/SATA 1 Gbps
1000 6/2.4Ghz 12GB 400Gb SATA-2/SCSI/SSD 1 Gbps
2000 12/3.0Ghz 24GB 1Tb SATA-2/SCSI/SAN/SSD 1 Gbps
10000 24/3.0Ghz 64GB 2Tb SAS/SCSI/SAN/SSD 1 Gbps