Enigma NMS – OS Upgrade from CentOS6.5 to CentOS6.10

Note: This is a very detailed guide written with the assumption that the reader has no prior knowledge of Linux (CentOS 6).

Enigma NMS is initially deployed with CentOS 6.5 as its operating system.
However, it is possible to upgrade the operating system from CentOS 6.5 to CentOS 6.10 after deployment.
This upgrade can be performed without an internet connection, ensuring complete system isolation.

We assume the following setup:

  • Your PC has access to the Internet.
  • Your Enigma Server does NOT have access to the Internet.
  • From your PC, you have access to Enigma Server, either via VPN or internal routing.
  • You are able to open a web browser connection to your Enigma Server.
  • You are able to open an SSH connection (via any SSH client) to your Enigma Server.
  • You know the “root” and “admin” user credentials for the Enigma Server.

To perform this upgrade, please follow the instructions provided below:

    1. From your PC, please download the following file (its size is about 1GB):
    2. Copy this file into your Enigma NMS using FTP (e.g., FileZilla FTP Client) or SCP (e.g., WinSCP client).
      Please note that if you are using an FTP client, you will have to use the “admin” user as the use of “root” is not allowed by FTP.
      FTP Method (Any FTP Client. e.g., FileZilla FTP Client):
      When you use the FTP method to copy the CENTOS6_10_REPO.tar.gz file to your Enigma Server, you must use the “admin” user account,
      and the file will be placed in the “admin” home directory, which is /home/admin.
      SCP Method: (any SCP Client, e.g., WinSCP Client):
      If you are using an SCP client (Any SCP Client, e.g., WinSCP), you can use either the “admin” or “root” user account.
      Please note that if you use the “admin” user account, the file will be placed in the directory /home/admin.
      If you use the “root” user account, the file will be placed in the directory /root.
      Please note: The location of the copied file is important, as you will need to navigate to the same directory to perform the actual upgrade.
    3. After you have copied the file, please log into Enigma NMS via any SSH client as the “root” user.
    4. Depending on the location of the file on the Enigma Server, please navigate to the relevant directory as below:
      # cd /root
      # cd /home/admin
    5. To validate the presence of the CENTOS6_10_REPO.tar.gz file in the relevant directory, please issue the following command:
      # ll CENTOS6_10_REPO.tar.gz
      The output of the above command will be similar to the following:
      # ll CENTOS6_10_REPO.tar.gz
      -rw-r–r– 1 root root 1073268636 Nov 4 16:51 CENTOS6_10_REPO.tar.gz
    6. Issue the following commands in order to perform the upgrade:
      # tar xf CENTOS6_10_REPO.tar.gz
      # yum update -y localinstall ./CENTOS6_10_REPO/*
      It may take around 5 to 10 minutes to complete the OS upgrade.

    To validate the successful completion of the upgrade, please issue the following command:

    # cat /etc/centos-release

    The output should show the following:

    # cat /etc/centos-release
    CentOS release 6.10 (Final)

    Please make sure to follow these instructions carefully for a successful upgrade.