When you use Enigma NMS GUI, you notice, that it has been designed with Enterprise Approach in mind. Most actions have been enabled for “bulk operations”, which let you modify multiple objects attributes.

Following are examples of such bulk actions:

  • Add 3000 nodes to the database in 1 minute.
  • Change device type on 300 devices in 10 seconds
  • Change carriage type for 1000 carriage services in 10 seconds
  • Edit geographical locations for 1000 sites

Generally Network Management Solutions for Enterprise Environment require significant maintenance effort, the larger the network, the more time you will spend maintaining your data. This may include modifying your nodes descriptions, site location, snmp versions and community strings, contact details, defining what needs to be monitored etc. The sheer volume of data, which you will need to maintain is just staggering. If becomes even more complicated when you need to monitor dynamic SNMP MIB Objects.

Dynamic SNMP MIB Objects’ indexes can change without notice, thus making monitoring very difficult.

Examples of dynamic SNMP MIB Objects include:

  • QoS (Quality of Service) objects: Classes, Policies etc
  • Server objects: CPU, File System, Memory Utlisation
  • IP SLA Objects

Once dynamic object changes its index, all SNMP requests against old index will return NULL values.
If you have small number of QoS Classes to monitor, perhaps you can adjust them manually, but in enterprise environment you are likely to have few thousands of QoS Classes or IP SLA probes and in this case manual adjustment simply won’t work. Enigma NMS auto-adjusts QoS Class SNMP indexes when needed and displays QoS Classes, QoS Policies and Interfaces in the way, which makes it easy to understand their relationships.

Similar logic applied to IP SLA Monitoring.
Enigma is capable of monitoring thousands of IP SLA Probes, with comprehensive reporting mechanism, which makes really easy to find incorrectly configured or stopped IP SLA Probes or IP SLA Probes affected by Packet Loss. IP SLA Monitor logically linked to Traffic Analyzer.

Enigma auto-adjusts SNMP Community strings and SNMP Versions used. It uses 64bit counters where appropriate. It auto-detects high-counter (64-bit) interfaces so it can use appropriate mib oid for correct traffic utilization statistics. 64 bit counters are hardware dependant and even where they are present, they don’t exist for all interfaces.

If standard 32-bit counters used on high speed interfaces, depending on volume of traffic, they can roll-over before the next poll, thus recording wrong data.

Enigma enables monitoring of QoS Class Drop, Interface discards and errors ONLY where they actually occur. If interface is error free no need to waste CPU cycles by collecting and graphing zeroes.