The environment at enterprise networks usually consists of thousands of network nodes of various types, spanned across large distances and connected via different carriage types. Enterprise networks generally have the following components:

  • Data centres where core switching and routing occurs, server farms
  • Security appliances and firewalls
  • LAN, MAN and WAN running on various types of carriage
  • Distribution and access switching layers.

We find that effective management of such a complex structure is a costly and challenging task. The different inter-relationships are complex as the data volume is staggering, and your resources are often limited. This is why we take enterprise network management and enterprise network monitoring seriously.

You do not only need to manage the actual network, the devices, hardware and software, and monitor activity. You also need to manage all network-related information such as:

  • All network assets, deployed or not, including audit and tracking
  • Software and hardware of all your servers and client PCs
  • IP Address space including IPv6
  • VLANs and VRFs
  • Carrier services, including billing
  • Vendor Support Contracts
  • Service provisioning

You need to be aware of everything that happens within your enterprise network. Constant awareness will help you proactively address any performance or capacity issues.

Our Enigma NMS can manage all types of enterprise network environments with ease. With its help, we can successfully address and provide solutions for all or most of any client’s operational and business requirements.