NETSAS PTY LTD is fully accredited Queensland Government Supplier
GITC Version 5.02: Q-3900

We believe that our flagship product Enigma NMS is best suited for medium,
large and global corporations.

We carefully listen to our customers and encourage them to
submit ideas on required functionality and features.

Following features and capabilities represent
unique, affordable and comprehensive product offering.

    • All modules are available within the same product, no more integration and maintenance headaches.
    • Unique Enigma only features: QoS Monitoring, Carriage Management, Bill Validation.
    • Extreme automation and enterprise approach in all features and functions.
    • Rapid on-demand development, you tell us what you need and we will deliver.
    • High-Availability Clustering: ultimate reliability for network management solution.
    • No or Minimum System Maintenance.
    • Hardware and Software Asset Management.
    • Extensive 3rd Party Integration Capabilities.
    • Enigma NMS will answer more questions and faster than any other NMS.