The effectiveness of enterprise network management system directly related to the quality of data it relies upon. As they say:“ Garbage in – Garbage out” .

The higher the quality of data the less time wasted and fewer mistakes are made.
The most critical factor affecting quality of data is human input and lack of data integration.
Good system design requires that all data is kept in single database, where it can be easily validated and integrated. This enables creation of any operational and business logic, which in turn will result in more effective management and monitoring of your enterprise network.

You need to track data changes and system needs to be designed the way where different users have different visibility and effective rights.

Some data is quite critical which directly affects core system functions. Improper changes to this critical data can result in loss of connectivity or data or have affect of operational capabilities and other negative results.

Audit and security requirements demand that changes to critical data are recorded and reported by the system.

Enigma NMS fully maintains audit and security data model. Changes to any attribute of all critical objects are recorded and available for inspection.

Users have different access and effective rights, which allows maintaining data security and integrity.

Solution availability is further protected by High-Availability Cluster and scheduled Database Backups.
High-Availability Cluster is configured in few minutes and represents the most reliable solution where business continuity is guaranteed.
Master and Slave Enigma servers can be placed in different data centres. They share Virtual IP Address, exchange heart-beats and perform near real-time data replication.
Only one Enigma server is actively polling network at any time.
Within 5 minutes of hardware failure on Master Enigma, Slave will assume Active role and bring up Virtual IP Address.
When you rebuild Master Enigma NMS on new hardware from last saved backup and bring it up on-line, it will sync database from Slave Enigma and will become again primary polling server.

Please note that all Enigma features, functions and configuration is done through the Web GUI.