Generally people consider Enigma NMS as single source of network truth, where most of the data is extracted form live devices without human intervention.
But at the same time Enigma NMS is an engineering tool, which requires certain skills and experience to be used to its full potential.
The challenge is to create a portal which might contain simplified views and reports, which will be more acceptable from general users’ point of view.
These can be Node or Site Summaries, Traffic Utilization graphs without complimentary information needed by network engineers only.
The above requirement can be addressed by using Enigma NMS REST API.
Enigma NMS REST API functionality allows custom and quick extraction of various inventory and network data including performance graphs, which can be used for portal creation.
Portal designers will have full control on how to present extracted data to portal users.
Information about available REST API functions and sample queries can be found on our:
Live Demo Enigma NMS – REST API Help
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