Today we would like to talk about SYSLOG and SNMP Trap Alarms Management and Monitoring.The more we know about events occurring across our enterprise network infrastructure the sooner we can detect performance bottlenecks or other events that potentially can impact our services.
It is important to configure all your devices to point their SYSLOG and SNMP Trap destinations to Enigma NMS as some events are only visible via SYSLOG and SNMP Traps.
We have extended Enigma NMS’ SYSLOG and SNMP Trap capabilities with ability to define your own alarm conditions based upon SYSLOG message and SNMP Trap content.
This new functionality provides you with enhanced visibility of certain conditions and capability to act upon them, when they match some custom criteria.
Highly customizable SQL-like match pattern algorithm allows flexible definition of various situations, which may need to be monitored depending on your operational and management requirements.
Defined custom alarms can be forwarded to your 3rd party Service Desk systems as well as extracted via REST API services to be presented on your Service Portal.