1.  Fixed the issue, while executing Network Availability Report as scheduled task
2.  Enhanced Algorithm for Node Topology Report.
3.  Added population of multiple nodes and links directly from the Network Topology Report into the selected Floor/Site Map.
4.  Enhanced REST API to include ref_fields for Nodes, Sites and Telco Services tables, when wild card (*) is being used.
5.  Developed Alert Hold Timer for Match Patterns in SYSLOG and SNMP Trap Monitors
6.  Developed auto-detection of Cisco Nexus switches and auto-adjustment of OIDs used for monitoring of CPU and Memory Utilization.
7.  Enhanced SNMP Trap Monitor to cater for ill-formatted traps.
8.  Converted all SSH sessions initiated by the system from version 1 to version 2.
9.  Fixed the issue with Timezone assignment when Adding/Modifying the State record.
10. Enhanced regex in SNMP Trap Monitor Match Patterns.
11. Enhanced regex in SYSLOG Monitor Match Patterns.
12. Enhanced Sites Google Maps with ability to create links between Sites, links can be integrated with relevant Telco Services.
13. Enhanced Find Node function with user-specific options to display quick links to Ports, Top Stats and Combined Graphs for Individual Interfaces.
14. Enhanced Database optimization with removal of tables storing stats data from deleted Environment Monitor records.
15. Enhanced Network Inventory Report, added user-specific default selections of report attributes.
16. Enhanced Interface Summary Report with function to update Port Manual Description and Speed in Bulk.


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