Release Notes for Version 31.1.0 (Latest,12 December 2016)

1.  Enhanced SNMP Trap Monitor to cater for traps from NATed Nodes
2.  Loosen strict condition of validated SNMP version in the SNMP Browser
3.  Enhanced protection against re-discovery of duplicate nodes.
4.  Enhanced protection against accidental deletion of interfaces when SNMP Communication to managed node becomes unstable (Packet Loss is too high).
5.  Developed Network Inventory Templates to enhance export capabilities for Inventory of Installed Modules and Cisco Stack Members
6.  Added link for Network Inventory Templates to the Main Menu
6.  Improved sorting of IP Addresses
7.  Fixed the issue with deleting of Forwarding Templates
8.  Fixed the issue with addition of new nodes via REST API
9.  Enhanced Config Download from Nodes where multiple “end” lines are present.
10. Fixed the logic of turning off monitoring on certain interfaces, trigerred by Interfaces Templates.


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