SNMP Browser added to the latest version of Enigma NMS.
You can select from available network nodes and SNMP RO strings or define the IP Address and SNMP RO String manually.
Also you select from avail defined SNMP MIB 2 OID or you can specify your own MIB OID, using dotted notation.
As the data returned by snmpwalk can be quite large and can swamp your web browser, the output is limited to 5 seconds.
SNMP Browser will help to identify any SNMP connectivity issues between Enigma server and managed nodes.
These issues can be caused by incorrectly configured ACL (Access Control List) or wrong SNMP RO (Read-Only) Community String.
Some devices like Windows Servers, UPS etc do require explicit configuration to enable SNMP communication from Management Server i.e. Enigma NMS.
You can validate their configuration by this tool.