Depending on your company, web presence could represent critical business component, which you may heavily rely upon.
Many companies do their business purely on the web when any problems with web front result in lost revenue.
Recently we have extended capabilities of Enigma NMS Application Monitor with Web Content Monitoring, which includes monitoring of response times.
This module checks presence or absence of particular pattern in the web page. It handles web proxies, HTTP and HTTPS, open or restricted access (with username and password).
Also it records web page response time for historical reporting and graphing, threshold can be configured for proactive notifications.
Alarms are send via email and SMS to explicitly configured notification contact (your web application manager or system administrator).
Generation of web content may require access to databases, firewalls and other back-end systems. Web content monitor ensures that all systems and components involved in web page generation are functioning normally.
This module monitors true user experience with proactive notification of service degradation.