We have developed our own proprietary polling engine.
All monitoring statistics are 1 minute, non-aggregated for up to 1 year.
The only limiting factor is the disk size.
The smaller the disk the less history you will have.
Enigma can monitor and collect statistics for unlimited number of interfaces.
To store historical data for up to 1 year for 100,000 interfaces you will need at least over 2 Tb of disk space.
If your disk is only 1Tb your history will be limited to 6 months.
We recommend that during Enigma install, you allocate as much as possible disk space.

All stats are auto-enabled.

Collection types include:

  • Utilisation
  • QoS Class Utilisation
  • QoS Class Drops
  • Broadcasts
  • Errors
  • Discards
  • Ping RTT
  • CPU
  • Memory

All critical (Layer2 trunks and Layer3) interfaces are auto-added to port monitor, which are checked in real-time.

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