Traffic Analyzer module allow collection of unlimited number of NetFlow sources.
This module is compatible with all variants of NetFlow implementations.
No special configuration needed on Enigma to enable this functionality.
Just configure the router and point netflow-export destination to enigma ip address, port 2055.
The only limiting factor is the size of the database.
Enigma NMS Traffic Analyzer provides the most comprehensive reporting, including:

  • Top Talkers
  • Top Protocols
  • Bi-Directional Report – conversation between two IP Addresses
  • Mappings to Interface or VRF
  • Time Distribution
  • Packet Length Distribution
  • Detailed Flow Information
  • Separation between intra and inter-site IP conversations
  • Public IP Addresses
  • Link to IP SLA report based upon ToS (Type of Service)

Enigma NMS monitors its own file system utilization.
When file system utilisation exceeds the threshold, system will delete old data leaving at least 1 month worth of history.

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