Every WAN runs on carriage provided by various vendors.
Because 95% of outages can be attributed to carriage failures, we have undertaken extensive development effort, to ensure that it can be effectively managed and fully integrated with other network objects.
Enigma NMS has very flexible, fully customizable system for managing carrier services.
Different carriage types i.e. GWIP, ADSL, Satellite, Dark Fibre have different attributes, which need to be maintained.
Various operational and business requirements impose additional challenges for carriage management.
With Enigma you can define any number of attributes and link them to different carriage types.
System will auto-link carriage to the right node and interface, so when something fails, you will have all information about respective carrier service.

Enigma NMS has Carriage Bill Validation Module
Carriage expenses could represent large portion of total capital expenditure, which needs to effectively managed.
Enigma will help you to validate carriage provider bills.
It will help you detect billing variations as well as drawing billing trend.
It has facility to record details of billing dispute with carriage provider.