####################### NON-ENIGMA NMS #######################

Total Cost of Ownership of NON-ENIGMA Network Management Systems

There are couple of fairly important questions, which you need to answer when you choose which NMS is the best fit for your budget, IT environment and available human resources and their skills

The answers to these crucial questions will determine the “TOTAL” cost of ownership of your network management solution.

Q: How many separate modules and how many instances of these modules you will have to buy to address all your operational and business requirements?

A: Vast majority of NMS vendors split their product offering into multiple modules with seemingly modest price for each module, which creates false perception of affordability of their products.
Each module has licensing limit, in terms of maximum number for monitored elements, which really any OID you are collecting information from.
Let’s say your network consists of 500 routers (4 interfaces in each router), 2000 switches (24 ports in each switch), 100 Servers (4 volume in each)
Total number of monitored elements will be

Routers: (500 x 4) Interfaces = 2000 elements
Switches: (2000 x 24) Interfaces = 48000 elements
Servers: (100 x 4) Volumes = 400 elements

Total = 50400 elements.

Following is basic on-line quote from NON-ENIGMA Vendor, which does not even cover Carrier Services management, Server and Application Monitoring:
Qty Product ID / Description Unit List Price Sub-Total
1 1243 – NON-ENIGMA Network Performance Monitor SLX (unlimited elements-Standard Polling Throughput) – License with 1st-year Maintenance AUD$36,290 AUD$36,290
1 3054 – NON-ENIGMA NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Module for NON-ENIGMA Network Performance Monitor SLX – License with 1st-year Maintenance AUD$21,115 AUD$21,115
1 4333 – NON-ENIGMA VoIP and Network Quality Manager IP SLA X, IP Phone X (unlimited IP SLA source devices, unlimited IP phones) – License with 1st-Year Maintenance AUD$15,175 AUD$15,175
1 4106 – NON-ENIGMA Network Configuration Manager DLX (unlimited nodes) – License with 1st-year Maintenance AUD$43,640 AUD$43,640
1 6003 – NON-ENIGMA IP Address Manager IPX (unlimited IPs) – License with 1st-year Maintenance AUD$21,115 AUD$21,115
1 6306 – NON-ENIGMA User Device Tracker UTX (unlimited ports per server) – License with 1st-Year Maintenance AUD$23,930 AUD$23,930
1 5607 – NON-ENIGMA Log & Event Manager LEM2500 (up to 2500 nodes) – License with 1st Year Maintenance AUD$126,495 AUD$126,495
1 3340 – NON-ENIGMA Network Topology Mapper – License with 1st-Year Maintenance AUD$1,890 AUD$1,890
Quote Total AUD$289,650

So you are looking at spending close to $300,000 dollars just for software alone.

Following you will have to add to implement and maintain your network management solution

1. Hardware: At least several Windows 2008 application and database servers at 10,000 each = $40,000

2. HR: Windows System Administrator, who will be looking after the windows server environment, applying patches, liaising with Microsoft, salary ~ $100,000 p.a.

3. HR: MS SQL Database Administrator, who will be looking after the database optimization and table corruptions, liaising with Microsoft, salary ~ $100,000 p.a.

4. The above table lists 8 different modules you have to buy.
The big question is:

For the solution to be effective, all these 8 modules need to function as a single system.
They need to be accessing the same database for nodes, client sites, location, contacts, MAC addresses, VLANs etc.
What is the effort required to achieve all this?

The answer is: to hire one or more programmers, who will write integration code.
Each programmer will cost around $100,000

So the “TOTAL” cost of NON-ENIGMA solution will be at least

$300,000 (SW) + $40,000 (HW) + (3 x $100,000 HR) = $740,000 for 1st year, with at least $300,000 per annum later on + support cost.

####################### ENIGMA NMS #######################

Enigma NMS on the other hand, does not have all these “hidden” costs except for the cost of software and hardware.

Enigma contains all required functionality within the same product, hence ZERO integration cost. You don’t have to know anything about Linux server or database administration. Enigma manages and optimizes its own operating systems (CentOS5.5) and database (MySQL) environment. It monitors its own file system utilization and clears the historical data preventing system from running out of disk space. It also monitors the health of its database engine and auto repairs any corrupted tables.
Even if hardware fails and we all know that it can be unavoidable, Enigma High-Availability Cluster, which can be configured in minutes will ensure that you have the most reliable enterprise network management and monitoring solution, which requires little or zero maintenance.

Advanced database design resulted in extremely high scalability, which allowed collection of detailed (1min) statistical data from hundreds of thousands of interfaces from the same server.

Database size in Enigma is only limited by the size of the system hard disk. We are observing Enigma deployment where database grows to more than 5 terabytes, without any noticeable impact on overall system performance.

Enigma NMS is the ONLY enterprise network management solution where carrier services are fully integrated and fully customizable. You can manage any number of carrier services with ability to maintain all attributes for all carriage types. When network outage occurs Enigma will advise you of details of connected carriage, which will shorten restoration time and increase overall network availability.  This feature will also greatly help you with getting the most value from your telecommunication budget. You can quickly identify underutilized WAN links and lower their bandwidth without any impact on user experience. Freed up budget can be used to increase access speeds of overloaded WAN services.

Telecommunications Bill Validation module produces nearly instant ROI (Return on Investment). Real-life examples show Telco bill reduction by around 7-8%.

If you require some additional functionality or report we will develop it for you in just a few days.

All data in Enigma is kept in the same database, which results in infinite opportunities for creation of any operational or business logic and tight integration of all network related objects.