Enterprise network environment consists of various components spread across different geographical locations.
These components include equipment in different Data Centres, MAN, WAN, Server, Security, Voice and Wireless infrastructures.
Due to different technologies all these components can’t be possibly supported by the single group.
Generally support is split between network support, server support, which is different for Windows and Unix, Security support, which requires specialized skills etc.
Also network equipment could be located thousands of kilometers from each other, which imposes additional complexity on the support model.
There may be local support groups for equipment located in particular geographical location.

Enigma NMS offers management capability to address all above challenges. Fully customizable support model in Enigma allows creation of various support groups depending on geographical limitations and technological factors. Intelligent alarming mechanism will direct alarms, which are also effected by linked SLA to respective support group.
Support group for particular geographical region will have visibility of respective administrative domain, while the main enterprise network management group will have visibility of the entire enterprise network environment. Further more all reports and bashboards in Enigma can be customized to suit particular support group requirements, which can be saved as global and user specific links for quick access or scheduled execution. Users who belong to particular client can have restricted view of their network subdomain. Enigma creates transparency between network management services provider and network owners, which ensures trust between the two parties and ultimately leads to prolonged relationships and mutually beneficial outcomes.