Enigma NSM Proactive Monitoring and Troubleshooting. Most of monitoring capabilities in Enigma NMS are enabled out-of-the-box and require zero maintenance. The monitored metrics include

For Network Devices:

  • CPU Utilisation
  • Memory Utilisation
  • Temperature from all available sensors
  • Ping RTT (Round Trip Time) from Enigma server
  • Traffic utilisation (bits and packets per sec)
  • All configured QoS (Quality of Service) Classes utilization and drops
  • Errors
  • Discards
  • Broadcasts
  • All configured IP SLA Probes
  • All configured VLANS, VTP and MSTP Domains
  • All configured MPLS VRFs, Traffic Engineering Tunnels, Routing within VRF
  • Default Router Next Hops
  • All Cisco Wireless Lan controllers and Light Weight Access Points

Enigma will intelligently determine which interfaces to enable these collections from.
These normally include trunks, multi-access ports and layer 3 interfaces.

For Servers:

  • CPU Utilisation (all cores)
  • Memory Utilisation (all memory types)
  • File System Utilisation
  • Traffic Utilisation (bits and packets per sec)
  • Errors
  • Discard
  • Broadcasts
  • All Installed Software Modules
  • All Running Processes and Services

All above statistics are collected at 60 seconds interval and stored for up to 1 year un-rolled.
Enigma discovers detailed hardware and software composition managed nodes and records.
Any changes in hardware composition are recorded for historical reporting. Software composition is used for software and licensing audits.
Various server applications are represented by daemons or services, which are also auto discovered by Enigma on all SNMP-enabled PCs and Servers.
This discovery makes it extremely easy to create custom monitoring of running applications with notifications to relative support groups.