Enigma NMS represents critical component of Enterprise Network Management Infrastructure.
Business Continuity requires all critical components to be made redundant.
Enigma NMS provides easy and flexible way to achieve this goal.
High-Availability ensures real-time data replication and intelligent fail-over
mechanism in case of primary server failure.

Primary (Master) and Secondary (Slave) Servers share the same Virtual IP Address,
which is mapped to the main DNS record.
Virtual IP Address is active only on Active Server (Master or Slave).

When Secondary Server becomes Active, it will acquire Virtual IP Address,
which draws all traffic to itself. Fail-Over process is fully automated.
If Master Server has suffered catastrophic hardware failure it will have
to be manually rebuild.
When Master Server becomes alive, system administrator will have to configure
HA Configuration on Master Server.

Next – Slave Server will restore database and file system on Master Server
to the near-real time content.

After that Master Server will again acquire primary role.

Both Master and Slave Server will have identical file system and database content.

Fail-Over events will not have any effect on historical data.

Any fail-over event with trigger notification emails.