By default Enigma NMS polls various performance metrics form all monitored interfaces, once every minute. The collected data is never rolled or averaged, which provides very detailed graphs for all performance statistical collections. Enigma is highly optimized and scalable, which means that in most cases you can deploy Enigma on very cheap server or PC grade hardware. For example to take care of network of 1000 nodes with around 20,000 interfaces all you need is $1,000 AUD server or laptop.
But nevertheless there is always a performance limit to any hardware. When this limit is reached, your hardware will start running out of resources and will suffer performance degradation. Most of Enigma load is attributed to the polling activity, which is also directly related to the amount of SNMP packets generated by Enigma. Sometimes your firewall logging can also be too stressed with SNMP packets generated by Enigma or your server does not have enough resources.

To address this issue we have introduced variable polling, which can be anything between 1 and 10 minutes, with default of 1 minute polling.

Variable polling is controlled by single system setting and can be accessed and changed via
Main Menu –> Tools –> System Settings –> select Performance Monitor category –> Click on “polling frequency”

Introduction of variable polling allows significant increase of available hardware’s capacity or VM resources at the expense of granularity of performance graphs.