Monitoring of Cisco Diagnostic Alarms
The core of most enterprise networks consists of number of Cisco7200 routers and Catalyst6500 switches with various installed modules.
These modules quite often are very expensive with cost running into tens of thousands of dollars.
Cost aside, they represent critical network infrastructure which needs to be extensively monitored for any, even minor faults.
Such Cisco equipment have additional diagnostic capabilities.
Where available “show modules” command will produce detailed report on hardware status of all installed modules and sub-modules.
Sometimes minor hardware fault can occur, which can only be seen in the output of above command.
We have introduced pro-active, maintenance-free monitoring of all diagnostic-enabled Cisco routers and switches across your entire enterprise network domain.
Enigma will auto detect relevant Cisco equipment and will report of any visible issues.
Detected diagnostic alarms are propagated to “Alarms Current” report and “Performance Dashboard”, where it’s clearly visible to the network support staff.
In case of detection of such issues, maintenance vendor will need to be involved to initiate module swap-over.
They can be allocated with relevant Service Desk ticket and when cleared are saved for historical reporting and audits.

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